We bring you the world’s best FMCG brands for your home.

Hayleys Consumer is a subsidiary of Hayleys PLC the number 1 Blue Chip Conglomerate in the country. Over the past years Hayleys Consumer has partnered with the most recognizable and trusted global brands in FMCG to avail the best loved brands in stores convenient to you.

Brands that make life enjoyable

We have been appointed by P&G to distribute their leading personal care brands such as Pantene shampoo, Head & Shoulders, Gillette, Whisper, Olay, Pampers and their laundry care brands such as Ariel and Tide. Wipro entrusted us, Hayleys Consumer to distribute their leading brand of toilet soap Santoor and Deodorants, while we also distribute the world renowned Kiwi shoe polish, Mr. Muscle Kitchen, Glass and Floor cleaners, Baygon and DrainX for SC Johnson. Our exhaustive range does not end there. We also Distributing Philips lighting range and have been in this partnership for over 40 years which demonstrates the deep commitment and partnership we have with our principals. While our range of brands are wide and diverse we have not forgotten to bring the fun & crunch into distribution by making available snack brands such as Corntos and Mr. Potato.

Our Vision

Inspiring local lifestyles by linking Global brands.

Our Mission

To be valued by our Customers for bringing world renowned brands that enhance and empower their lives and businesses leading to increased shareholder value.

Our Heritage

For 130 years Hayleys PLC has been an integral cog in Sri Lankan business. As a subsidiary, Hayleys Consumer carries the torch alongside the Sri Lankan conglomerate reaching people across Sri Lanka and the world. With a portfolio of over 140 companies Hayleys PLC provides solutions for industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and logistics, power and energy, consumer, leisure and aviation, insurance and business process outsourcing.

Story of the Logo

Hayleys Consumer markets some of the best known brands in the world. This kaleidoscopic collection of Brands has enriched the lives of Sri Lankans from all walks of life. Hayleys Consumer also maintains long-established alliances as well as several recently established ones with internationally renowned principals from around the globe. The union of colourful hands in the logo symbol of Hayleys Consumer captures this multifaceted nature of the company.

Our Trusted Brands