Panduka de Silva
My thoughts on using the Fujifilm X-Pro-1 / X 10 Working the Fujifilm X series has been a distinctive experience taking me back literally to the 1970’s; the feel, the size the style the controls – yet brought me back to the swiftly to the present due to the excellence of the images; the IQ and the low light capability. The X-Pro1 with its troika of fast Fujinon lenses is an excellently crafted machine and handled marvelously with precision, providing me ‘noiseless’ razor sharp images under extreme lighting situations.

A robust take everywhere camera was for me a dream realized; Fujifilm X10 with the attached fast Fujinon zoom, and the crisp images that I have captured in demanding lighting situations, illustrate the potential of this retro camera with ergonomically placed receptive controls.

Mithra Weerakone
Mithra Weerakone is a Commercial Photographer as well as a TV Commercial and Documentary Director. He was the President of the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka from 2009-2011. He has also judged at National and International Photographic competitions.

He is willing to share his vast experience and knowledge with like minded people in these two fields.
Darshana Kularathna
I must say that the Fujifilm - s2980 Camera is absolutely a great machine. I'm 100% happy on my decision in buying a Fujifilm - s2980 Camera because it clearly fulfills my dream of taking wonderful photographs.

The options it has is beyond a normal digital camera which is very important to beginners like us. Also the 18X Zooming capability is really great. There's no doubt that Fujifilm - s2980 Camera is totally worth buying.
Adithya Jayasri Kularatne
I use Fuji finepix HS30 EXR which is famous between bridge cameras, I was finding to buy a good bridge camera for a long time and I saw Fuji has really nice colours and this camera has nice functions as well, we can add external flash in to camera which is good advantage.The battery saving time is just simply awesome.

Talking about the use of camera it has all manual functions and auto functions as well as special EXR mood, for day light it gives great colours and you can zoom it 30x, If you are doing videos it gives HD videos itself.

When you have it in your hand you will feel like professional even though you are not :)
Bandu Gunaratne
It's high time for 'point-&-shooters' to switch in to a new high end camera. I feel that the Fujifilm X10 is the best solution! Fujifilm X10 recollects the old fashioned range finder type cameras. F - X10 is equipped with a 12mp 2/3 type image sensor which is relatively twice the size of a point-&-shoot image sensor which yields amazing image quality. X10 offers excellent results despite low light conditions. Image stabilization is an added feature to the fast FujinonAspherical lens! Construction of the body can be compared to none other similar capacity of cameras. It is virtually solid. The power on/off switch is unique to this model.

The X10 feels so handy and simply fits into the pocket and ultimately becomes your best travel companion. Manual zoom feature and the manual shooting modes fulfill the advanced/serious amateur's expectations. Motion panorama is another added advantage.
Indranatha Thenuwara
ජපානයේ නිෂ්පාදිත, හුරුබුහුටි Fujifilm Xs1 කැමරාවක් මා පාවිච්ච කොට බලා ඇත්තෙමි. එය අතට හොඳින් ග්රහණයකරගත හැකිය. මෙට්ල්ඇලෝයිලෝහබඳනිසාලැබෙනබර, කැමරාව පහසුවෙන් සෙලැවීමවළක්වයි. කාලාන්තරයක්තිස්සේ පාවිච්ච කරන්නටදපුලුවන. රළු පාවිච්චියටද ඔරොත්තුදෙන බව මට විශ්වාසය.

Professional function in Consumer level හෙවත් Prosumer ගනයට අයත් මේ කැමරාව සාමාන්ය පාරිභෝගිකයන් එල්ලකොට නිෂ්පාදනය වුවද, එහි වෘත්තීය කැමරාවක තිබෙන සියලුම අංගයන්ගෙන්සමන්විතය. හැඩයද වෘත්තීය මට්ටමේ කැමරාවක්සේය.
Salinda Fernando
The HS30EXR offers versatility and optical quality to people like us who dont have DSLR camera. Equipped with advanced manual control, and a high performance 16MP EXR CMOS sensor, a whopping 30X optical zoom lens, 1080P Full HD Movie Mode, and a host of consumer friendly automatic settings, the HS30EXR is ready for anything - from the simplest full-auto photo capture to the most advanced applications.

Dulanji Dileeshiya Ilangakoan
I,m using a Fujifilm FinePix AV100 digital camera.when it comes to other people it's just a normal camera.but to me it is very valuable because I have been able to capture many beautiful things .without being desperate for what I don't have I make use of my Fujifilm FinePix AV100 to the maximum.

It it with this camera I was able to held my first documentary photographic exhibition on butterflies.people were amazed to see the photos from this camera because those photos had nice colors and sharp images."This camera can do a good job if we have the patience."That's what I tell any one who ask me about how to take fine quality photos with a normal digital camera.Fuji cameras can be recommended for their fine quality photos.This is my first digital camera and I'm very happy that it suited my budget and not only that it gives me to experience of capturing the beauty of mother nature,people and their activities.