Fujifilm X-F1
High Quality Photos & Movies with the EXR CMOS (EXR AUTO 103 Shooting Patterns)
EXR Auto with Motion Detection instantly recognizes 58 types of scene, automatically optimizes every setting from exposure to white balance, and switches to the ideal sensor mode for the scene and subject: HR High Resolution for well-lit conditions, SN High Sensitivity/Low Noise mode for low light, and DR Dynamic Range mode for high-contrast scenes.

Discover the beauty of f/1.8, at night, indoors, whenever light is low
The XF1's fast f/1.8 lens allows poorly-lit subjects to be photographed without raising sensitivity levels, keeping noise to a minimum. Its aperture of f/1.8 with a construction that features 7 lens elements in 6 groups. All elements are subjected to Electron Beam Coating process.

Speed Response with EXR Processor
Fast startup 0.55-second response means you'll never miss the moment
In QUICK START MODE, the XF1 is ready to shoot in just 0.55 seconds.
Shooting Interval 0.8 sec includes in AF
From quicker startup to shorter shot-to-shot delay (minimum 0.8 sec. delay), the responsive EXR sensor and processor ensure you never miss a shot.

Manual Zoom & effortless operation (Manual zoom lets you frame and compose as you like.)
25-100mm* manual 4X optical zoom lens
Unlike power zoom, the XF1's zoom ring provides direct manual controls, keeping the zoom action very smooth. The 4x optical zoom is complemented by a super resolution digital zoom up to 8x